4 Furniture Ideas To Make Most Of Your Bedrooms Corner Spaces

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By BenjaminBeck

The bedroom is a place where you can relax, unwind, and forget the troubles of the day. For many people it is a private area reserved only for those close to them. No matter how private the bedroom is, it still needs proper decorating for it to truly be yours. Little pieces in the right corners can make a huge difference in making a boring bedroom into a peaceful and personal sanctuary. 

Check out these amazing corner furniture ideas for bedroom spaces that you can add to your room to give it a personal touch. 

1. Unique Corner Shelves 

The corner of the bedroom is often left bare because no one thinks of the corner as “prime real estate”. This is very wrong because with the right accessories such as a unique corner shelf that fits perfectly on the sharp corner edges you can turn a dull useless corner into additional storage space. You can put photos of loved ones, colorful room accents, and so much more on the shelves to make them pop. Now every time you enter the room, your eyes will automatically dart to that corner. 

2. Comfy Corner Chair 

A plush and comfortable chair on the corner of the bedroom is a great addition to any room. When placed at the right angles, they add a nice flow to the room while also being the perfect spot to rest on while watching the TV or reading a book. Add a nice corner lamp beside the chairs and have one on each side of your bed so that you and your partner have a nice relaxing spot to just put your feet up before tucking in for the night. 

3. The Corner Library 

Setting up a corner library is a book lover’s dream come true. A small library to store your favorite collections so that they are within reach at all times is a nice way to tie up a room. These corner libraries are great for both children’s bedroom and adult’s bedroom because they encourage reading and relaxing. Throw in a desk lamp beside your bed and you’ll have your own personal library with all your favorite books open 24/7. 

4. A Corner Office 

We’ve all read it. No work should be brought on the bed because it should only be used for sleeping. What if you have a limited space like a studio apartment? No worries, you still don’t have to bring your work with you to bed if you have a dedicated corner office. This can be as small or as wide as the corner allows. Decorate your desk with a few potted plants and it will look more welcoming. If the corner has windows, that’s a great bonus and the perfect spot for a home corner office. 

Don’t limit your corner furniture ideas for bedroom to these few suggestions. You can get as creative as possible. Turn the corner into your very own special and personal spot with little additions of things you love. Don’t let the corner go to waste, decorate it and make it truly yours.

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