7 Things your Aircon Installer Will Never Tell You

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By BenjaminBeck

If you have done some work on an air conditioning or air conditioning system, then you are likely to be like many homeowners. in the darkness! With the exception of air conditioning experts and homeowners with professional backgrounds in related fields, most homeowners have little information on air conditioning systems. Want to feel that your repair costs are spent reasonably, is your work worthwhile?

The best way to understand this is to educate yourself. The following information does not necessarily make you an air conditioning expert, but it is essential to help you understand the basics of air conditioning systems and at least understand what your service provider is talking about. With this information fully available, you can rest assured that the technician is qualified to work and that your home needs repair or air conditioning. Visit  our Aircon Service Singapore website for more information.

Chemical cleaning

This is very important for your air conditioning equipment, especially when it is lower than the required temperature regulation or increased power consumption. Also, when you hear a “po”, it may be time to call for a chemical cleaning service.

Chemical cleaning requires complete removal of the entire system and cleaning of all parts with a special cleaning agent to remove all foreign objects. This ensures smooth airflow and the fan coil and heat sink will be free of algae and minimized. This is why chemical cleaning is important. A clean air conditioning system is efficient and requires less energy to reach the desired temperature level. The effect of cleaning these chemicals is to use less electricity. Breathe, enjoy a quiet night and save power.

Chemical cleaning involves multiple steps. More than one chemical is used in recycling and recycling air conditioning equipment. Although you have traveled for several years, the air conditioning system has not encountered any technical obstacles, but some parts of the system still accumulate dust, dirt and oil, which illustrates the importance of chemical cleaning.

AC repair

Whether in the homeowner or in the commercial property owner, you need to make sure the system works better. It is important to understand the damage, inefficiency and other issues that can cause air conditioning failure. Technicians must be prepared to diagnose and diagnose problems.

In Singapore’s tropical climate, having the best working environment is essential. In the event of a malfunction, call a technician for problem diagnosis, problem resolution and replacement or component repair, and request a complete system report and how to avoid such problems in the future. In AC maintenance, services may involve board disassembly, unit repair, internal testing, board maintenance, and more.

Air conditioning

If the air conditioner is not properly cooled, it may be necessary to fill the coolant. Some standard repair work includes leaks and refueling. As a house or property owner, it is important to pay attention to some of these facts. The air conditioner uses liquid or gas as the air conditioner. In most cases, Freon or Proton is a commonly used gas. In some cases, storage leaks and gas leaks can slowly empty the container. Currently, refilling storage is a viable option to ensure that all leaks are protected.

It is important to check for gas leaks and increase gas to maintain high air efficiency. In addition to not cooling the room, the compressor has not been cooled, which can cause the compressor to overheat and eventually cause a malfunction. Moreover, the condensing coil does not accept cold air, which causes a malfunction. Finally, gas leaks are harmful to the environment, especially when in contact with water.

The process of refueling is not complicated, but it is necessary to involve qualified technicians. A pressure gauge is used to check the gas level in the system and the tank is used to ensure that the gas level returns to the desired level. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is necessary to ensure that the tank is filled with the correct gas.

Solve system errors

In most cases, the homeowner will always be notified to charge the system. Most likely, this is a faulty diagnosis or a leak cannot be fixed. The homeowner must understand the principles of the sealing system and must always check for leaks in the sealing system. Every air conditioner has a problem that needs to be supplemented. This is a myth. When the system is running low, it is necessary to ask the relevant professional to check and repair the leak, instead of just charging it without solving the main problem. If the test shows that the system is leak free, there is no need to recheck the gas unless there is a problem. It is important to note that the pressure/temperature relationship in the air conditioner is important and minor adjustments can lead to unprecedented results.

Power problems are common

Air conditioning will always have electrical problems. The fuse unit near the condensing unit, the blow capacitor in the capacitor panel and the open valve plate are the main sources of electrical damage. Checking these components regularly saves service calls and gives you peace of mind. For example, when the system is buzzing but not working properly, it is likely that there is a problem with the capacitor.

When the problem occurs, the machine will tell you

In addition to closing, the system will also notify the homeowner of the problem. Checking if the copper wire in the system freezes or freezes indicates that the system needs cleaning. Although air conditioning is a simple system, it uses the complex science and knowledge you need as a homeowner or landlord to protect you from certain errors. For central air conditioning, you must know the necessary components and the parts that can be quickly replaced in the event of a fault. In addition, you must be able to decide which parts to buy.

Filters are an important part of Aircon

It is important to install an air filter. It is located indoors with appliances or in the backyard. Regularly changing the air filter or cleaning the air filter will work together and ensure that the air is maximized. In addition, a clean or functional air filter ensures proper air filtration and prevents the coil from getting dirty. Dirty coils can affect their function. It is recommended to replace 1 “filter” every month, 2 “filters” every two months, and 4-5 “filters” every 6-12 months. Make the coil dirty.