Cost-Effective Insulation

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By BenjaminBeck

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, although there are certain months when it is always cold, and this causes the heat in our homes to quickly escape through the windows and doors. Annoying draughts team up with window condensation to bring an unwelcome scenario, and if you add to that the valuable heat that escapes through the glass, it makes for an uncomfortable time.

Replacement windows

This is a very expensive solution to the above problems, as very often the existing window frames are in good condition, and if the property is old, changing the windows will change the look of the home. Fortunately, there is an alternative, and that is secondary glazing, which involves installing a separate frame and glass on the inside of the window.

Secondary glazed windows

Custom made to fit the existing aperture, secondary units are installed a few inches behind the existing windows, which provides ideal thermal insulation. A single pane of glass is not sufficient to provide adequate insulation against the cold, whereas secondary glazed units that are custom made give a better insulation than double-glazed windows, as the gap between the two glass surfaces is much wider.

Energy saving

Secondary units can save up to 65% on fuel bills in the winter months, which is slightly more than replacement windows, as they provide a better thermal insulation.

Comfortable living environment

Draughts from ill-fitting window frames, and the heat loss through the glass make for a chilly temperature throughout the home, while secondary glazed windows eliminate draughts and significantly reduce heat loss by providing a second barrier behind the existing windows.

Retain the character of the property

Many older dwellings have a certain character, and by replacing the windows, much of the originality is lost, which is why many people opt for secondary glazed units, as they are invisible from the exterior, and with a choice of UPVC or aluminium, the slim interior frames will complement any room.


Aside from being a nuisance, condensation on the windows can cause rot to set in, and up until a few decades ago, there was nothing one could do about this regular occurrence, other than a daily wipe. Condensation is caused by two extreme temperatures coming together, the very cold outside meets with the warmth of the interior, causing the cold air to condense. The most effective way to prevent condensation on your windows is to install secondary units, which are custom made, and fitted with a good seal. With a few inches between the two extreme temperatures, the inner space is neither hot nor cold, therefore condensation will not occur. The frames are made from UPVC, which has very good thermal properties, so condensation on the window frames is a thing of the past.

Value for money

If compared to replacement windows, secondary units are significantly cheaper, and with no windows or doors to be removed, the installation process is much quicker. If the reason to install replacement windows is to stop draughts and combat heat loss, then it is an expensive solution, as installing secondary glazed units will provide you with all the same benefits, and more, for a lot less.