Warning: Check carefully the cost of mortgage refinancing to avoid hidden charges

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By BenjaminBeck

Refinancing a mortgage has been a helping hand from the beginning especially when your resources go short. Its deals are so enticing that it continues to attract many homeowners in the present time. However, one must have an eagle eye on the transaction to avoid any hidden cost of mortgage refinancing.

Since they are termed “hidden”, you are unable to detect them instantly. When that happens, your bills go high and there is a high likelihood that you can no longer keep up with the monthly payables you are obliged to pay. In order to avoid hurting your pocket, every lender like you must understand the cost of mortgage refinancing.

Here are the only fees that you should be paying:

Application Fee

Mortgage loan applications require upfront payments when signing up. The application cost that involves administrative work should just go between $250 and $500. This costs a lot but if you find a reliable lender who understands your needs as a homeowner, you can guarantee that you will get your money’s worth by achieving your goals for your family.

Appraisal Fee

Appraisals are part of mortgage refinancing because this includes property surveys done by lender-affiliated third parties. These professionals will determine your property’s value and if you have home equity as requirements for a refinancing loan. They make sure there are no issues when they do a title search and title insurance for your property.

Origination and Documentation Fee

This constitutes around one percent of the entire value of your borrowed amount.

Therefore, you must be keen on reading the terms and conditions on your transaction to avoid being caught by a surprise. For document preparations, most lenders charge around $250 to $500.

Flood Certification Fee

In some areas, a flood certification fee that range from $50 to $150 will be required. Coastal properties that are considered flood-prone area include North and South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Florida. To check whether your location is safe, you can enter your zip code on flood region maps found online.

Title Fee

Another expected cost of mortgage refinancing is the title fee which ranges from $200-$400. This is also the point where lenders and homeowners will pay $400-$800 to attain a title insurance. Securing title insurance will give them protection against possible disputes or errors that come with a transfer of ownership.

Recording Fee

Depending on your area, you will see an additional $25 to $250 charge on your bill for the recording fee. This will go to the paperwork involved in your transaction. In general, when you do a mortgage refinancing, you are expected to pay 1.5% of your principal in closing costs that would include origination fees and ancillary charges.

Amortization Fee

Amortization is a way by which payments are applied with an aim for principal reduction in contrast to paying an interest. It is quite tricky that some people who don’t go their way to study terminologies like this would eventually regret it in the end. From the commencement of your mortgage, payments already come with interest. So, every homeowner should be able to do the math in home refinancing to avoid the trouble of seeing a bulk of payments.

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