How to Convert Your Balcony Into a Room

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By BenjaminBeck

Apartment owners always seem to struggle with a lack of space. There is always an almost perpetual need for more room — be it a quiet home office or simply some extra storage space. Consequently, homeowners resort to using various tactics to somehow enlarge their living quarters.

These recent years, interior designers have been raving about DIY projects that essentially help us create an entire room out of nothing. If you live in an apartment with a spacious but non-functional balcony, you might be able to turn it into a room of your choice instead. Needless to say, you will need a permit, as with any renovation. Still, after that is obtained, you will be good to go.

We have prepared a list of suggestions that will help you transform your balcony into a functional space you will use for many years to come. If you need advice on basic design rules, or if you want to know something more specific — like, which building panels to use — we’ve got it covered.

Pick a Room

Before you start with the actual renovation process, you need to decide what you will be converting your balcony into. The options are endless, and they depend on your immediate needs. Some apartment owners choose to carve out a quiet space where they can study or work undeterred.

Others convert it into a kids’ room where they can store all of the toys and where their children can play all day long. If you choose to go down this road, you won’t have to be on the lookout for stray building blocks that you always manage to stub your toe on.

Finally, if you are someone who hoards books or clothes, you can easily transform your balcony into a mini library or a walk-in closet.

Choose the Type of Enclosure

Since you’ve made a decision about the purpose of the room, it’s time to think about a very important matter — privacy. While a balcony is generally an open concept space, once you decide to convert it into a room, you will need a certain level of discretion. Therefore, it’s only logical to find the most optimal way to make your room more private.

Depending on the level of privacy you want, you can use building panels to section off an area. Alternatively, if you prefer to have plenty of natural light, there are various retractable screens or blinds you could use instead. Nature lovers can even retort to using climbing plants to protect their space from prying eyes.

Select the Floors

Considering the fact that balconies are often exposed to harsh weather to a higher degree than the rest of your apartment, you should pay special attention to your new floors. This means selecting adequate flooring and subflooring options. We suggest going with MgO products for subfloors since they are known for their water-resistant properties.

What’s more, the MgO board price is pretty affordable, so you’ll get a high-quality product without breaking the bank. Once you’ve selected your subfloors, you can move on to actual floors. This part is a no-brainer, as you should stick to the same flooring as the rest of your apartment for a more harmonious look.

Add a Layer of Protection

Naturally, floors are not the only ones that require an extra level of protection. Your walls and ceilings deserve the same treatment. Luckily, MgO panels are well-known for their versatility and can be used for wall construction and ceilings alike.

In addition, these eco board sheets are excellent for spaces where mold is a common occurrence. They also come in various thicknesses and are builder-friendly, which makes them a good choice for quick construction activities. Plus, these panels are not made with toxic chemicals, so they are perfectly safe for you and your family.

Stick to One Design

Now that you’ve managed to save some money thanks to the MgO board price, which is quite budget-friendly, you can spend extra cash on the design. Since balconies are generally small spaces, make sure to select compact furniture. There are plenty of space-saving options available, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right pieces.

As far as the overall design goes, minimalism is your safest choice. Clean lines and simple designs are a foolproof way to make your space appear larger and less cluttered. Once you pick a style, stick to it. This will prevent you from making serious blunders and will leave your new balcony room looking amazing.