Do’s And Don’ts for Kids Photos on to Canvas Prints

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By BenjaminBeck

Welcome to the world of photography with the cutest models. Being a Father to a 2 yr old daughter, I can very well understand the excitement of capturing every single moment of a child’s growth. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture your child’s moments. The happiness and the bonding shared together are the keys to click perfect photos for kid’s photo canvas prints.

The opening of those little fingers, first time stand up, first meals together, first day at school, first birthday dress and many more moments are special to all parents. By learning the basic Do’s and Don’ts of kids photography, you will perform the role well!

Do’s and Don’ts of to click perfect kid’s photos:


  • Do play with your kids for a while before you start clicking the images. Kids are a bit moody and simply hate the idea of someone ruling over them.
  • Be natural and let them be natural. You will miss these moments when they grow up. Thus, try to capture everything that they do naturally.
  • Check you have proper lights in the room. If feasible, take them onto your lawn or garden and capture those little expressions on their face.
  • Make eye contact with your kids while photographing. They see most of the things from your eyes. Show the excitement on your face and feel happy about filming them. You will surely get to see some happy smiles. This is one of the essentials for perfectkids photos on to canvas.


  • Don’t force your kids to act like super models. Do not capture your efforts on them, rather, capture those little things and efforts done by them.
  • Don’t overload your kids with costume and jewelry.
  • Don’t click pictures in bright flash. It will scare your kids or distract them to focus on what they were doing. They may either want to snatch that camera from you to experiment or run away from the spot.
  • Don’t make your children pose too much. Rather, take pictures when they are doing their routine such as; playing with their favorite toy, eating, sleeping, walking, etc..

Photography is a tough job, especially when you do it with kids. However, if you do it as a family affair, it adds to the excitement. I would suggest you involve your partner with you for Kids Photos on canvas, as the kids simply love to see Mummy and Daddy together.

If your friends are about to have their first child, here are some ideas for Baby shower gifts.

Best Gifts For A Baby Shower

Baby showers are wonderful events to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. They’re also a time for the new mother to get various gifts that are needed when having a new bundle of joy. While a new mother will probably register somewhere for the things she needs and wants for her new bay, here are some of the best gifts you can buy for a baby shower:

  1. White Noise Sound Machine

You’d be surprised at how many new moms forget to add this to their registry list! A white noise sound machine helps them sleep. The white noise that the machine makes blocks out ambient sounds so that babies aren’t distracted by all the noise around them. The white noise soothes them to sleep, which is what every new mom dreams of for their newborn (this way they can get some much needed sleep, too)!

  1. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Monthly baby pictures are a thing and a great way to capture your baby growing each month. Buy a new mom a special baby monthly milestone blanket that allows them to take pictures of their cuties as they grow. It as 12 months and all she’ll need to do is mark each month for the photo!

  1. Swaddle Baby Blanket

Babies like to be swaddled the first months of their life. It helps remind them of the tight space inside the womb and helps keep them from startling themselves. Plus, you can never have too many swaddles since they can act as regular blankets later on!

  1. Canvas Print form Photo

Give the new mom something special by either gifting them a canvas photo print of one of their ultrasounds or give them a gift certificate for our store so that they can later buy one when their baby comes! Pictures are always important for new moms and this is a great way to remind her. She’ll love the ultrasound canvas print of her precious baby and will appreciate the certificate once she gets her newborn pictures back from her photographer.   She’ll be able to use the kid’s photo canvas print in the nursery or anywhere in her home!