The Top 9 Characteristics of a Successful Project Manager

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By BenjaminBeck

Construction projects can be temporary for workers. However, the end result and lasting impression made on clients by the builders are more permanent. Project managers can be a great resource to help keep employees motivated and maintain a high standard of work throughout a project’s duration. Rated Builders London is a group of highly skilled tradesmen who are dedicated to providing premium services. We are the most trusted London builders.

Some Project Managers are more successful than others because they have certain traits and characteristics that help them get the best out of their staff.

9 traits are necessary to excel as Project Manager.

  • Communication
  • Ability to delegate
  • Vision
  • Enthusiasm
  • A team-builder
  • Empathy
  • Composure
  • Competence
  • Ability to solve problems

Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of a successful project manager – and take notes!

Good communicator

The Project Manager acts as the liaison between all parties involved in the project, including clients and the Managing Directors. It is important that the Project Manager communicates clearly and concisely with all parties involved in the project. Communication is key to any Project Manager’s success. The Project Management Institute recommends that Project Managers spend at least 90% of their time communicating.

Ability to delegate

Let’s get to the point: a project manager should feel comfortable delegating work. You will likely become overwhelmed if you are unable to identify the key characteristics of your team and assign tasks based on them skills. You have your team to help you complete a project. Make sure to use them!


You will need to be able envision the end project or the solution to a problem and then communicate how you can get there to your team to be an effective Project Manager. This creative ability is often overlooked by many in the industry.


You can make your team more productive and enthusiastic by being positive about the work. The project manager is the leader of the project. It is vital that they bring energy and optimism to the team and the client in order for the project to move forward.

A team-builder

Although team building is often frowned upon, it is essential to have a strong working relationship with your team members. This will not only help you manage any social tension and ensure your team works together peacefully and productively but also allow you to drive your team towards your common goal. It is easier to manage a team that works together than one that is divided. A good Project Manager will ensure that this spirit is maintained at all times.


Your workforce is made up of individuals who live different lives and face different problems and stresses. This is something you need to keep in mind as a Project Manager. Talk to your employees one-on-one if they are having a bad day or their behaviour is not up to par. It is a great thing for Project Managers to be able to confide in their team and not just dismiss other businesses. Remember, however, that Project Managers must be sensitive to the feelings of your employees. They will likely vent about the problems with the project to you, and you need to listen to them and resolve the issue.


Projects are not always easy. No matter if your stock delivery has failed, the project has been cancelled, or the client had an unexpected change of mind, there will always be obstacles to overcome. The responsibility for managing these problems and keeping everyone happy and on track will rest solely with the Project Manager. These stresses can only be dealt with by a calm and composed person who is able to handle everything with ease.

A problem solver

This is a common theme that you might have noticed throughout the article: Project Managers are often faced with problems. You must be able think quickly and be able solve problems quickly to be a successful project manager.