Tips and Tricks for Utilizing Tiki Torches Outdoors

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By BenjaminBeck

Add an extra touch to your backyard this summer by using outdoor torchers. There’s something about the flickering flame that is both soothing and thrilling, providing ambient lighting as well as protection from mosquitoes and other nighttime pests when used with citronella. Furthermore, these inexpensive devices can liven up any dinner party or barbecue atmosphere, though caution should always be exercised when installing, handling or storing these devices. Onethatch offers a high quality selection of tropical building products, such as synthetic thatch bamboo and tiki torches.


Use outdoor torches for lighting walkways, patios and decks you’re entertaining on. Spread them out evenly and leave about 6-8 feet between each. This allows people to move around safely without fear of getting caught in a fire hazard.

To keep your home or other structures safe from torch flames, keep them at least six feet away. Be especially mindful of trees or overhangs where the flames could ignite branches, leaves, wood siding, soffit or other materials.

Filling an Outdoor Torch

Most outdoor bamboo torch can be filled from the top by taking off their ring containing the flame. To do this, ensure your torch is at a temperature that is cool before turning the rings until they pop off. Next, pour fuel into the vessel until two-thirds full with either plastic or metal funnel; replace wick and secure rings after capping fuel bottle in an accessible location away from children or family pets. Once done, store away in cool storage away from children or pets.


Most torch models come with a snuffer cap attached to the wick band of the torch. This serves both as an extinguisher and protective container for the wick, keeping it free from elements when lit. To put out your flame, place this cap over the wick until completely covered; leave in place until all flames have gone out then remove and allow to cool completely before replacing with new snuffer cap that was used during extinguishing process.

Storing Fuel and Torches

Store Fuel and Torches according to these Instructions.

Be careful when cleaning and storing your torches to be used later. While it’s possible to leave the fuel inside the torches, keep them upright and secure so they don’t fall over. Store them indoors where there isn’t a risk of fire damage; if you plan on keeping them outdoors or in an uninsulated shed, ensure that your climate won’t freeze any fuel left behind.

Safety & Storage Tips for Tiki Torches

Are you concerned that an empty water bucket may be present when lighting your barbecue? If so, here are some essential tiki torch safety and storage guidelines to follow. Plan ahead so you don’t endanger yourself every time a fire is started.

Spread Out Your Tiki Torches

When placing tiki torches in your yard, be sure to exercise caution by leaving some distance between them. At least six to eight feet should be enough space for illumination of your backyard and prevent the torches from blocking each other.

Secure Torches in Secure Spots

It is essential to secure flashlights in designated smart spots.

Avoid placing tiki torches under trees or near your home as these could potentially catch fire and cause harm. Also, steer clear of light pathways which could expose you to potential flames if not handled carefully; they could easily catch clothing or hair in the flames.

When anchoring torches into the ground, make sure they are at least an inch deep into soil. Doing this will prevent wind from ripping them off easily.

Keep Away From Children and Pets

Children should never be left alone with pets or children in any type of vehicle.

Children may be attracted by fire and tiki torch, but it’s best for them to observe from a distance. A torch could fall on your child if they play around it; pets could also get injured when playing with a flaming tiki torch; do not let your pet take one in his hands and begin running through the backyard with it.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

When playing with fire, there is the potential risk of being burned. Plan ahead for any emergency scenarios during an outdoor BBQ or backyard barbeque by keeping an extinguisher handy at all times. Never use water to put out an oil fire as this could spread the flames rapidly.