Tips on Wood Care

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By BenjaminBeck

Wood care is of the cardinal concern for each one of us, as all of us uses one of other kind of wood in the form of furniture, wood flooring, cabinets, cupboards et al. If you care for your wood then it will last long and will remain in the same form in which you have purchased it. Although caring for wood is not difficult but you will have to keep in mind certain things to care for your wood furniture. Read the below given tips on wood care for long life of wood furniture.

  1. Life of the wood can be increased by polishing it as this wont let the wood to dry too quickly. Wood furniture care must include polishing it at least once in a year either with spray polish, liquid polish or semi solid polish.
  2. For polishing the wood use soft and white cloth and polish in the direction of the grains of the wood.
  3. Wood polish having silicone or alcohol should be avoided. Spray polishes or aerosols are easiest to use but they contain silicone so must be avoided.
  4. Then there are liquid wood polishes are available in emulsion polishes and oil type polishes. waxes, oils and organic solvents are the emulsion polishes whereas paraffin, lemon oil and mineral, linseed oil and walnut oil are the oil type polishes. Lemon oil is considered as the best polish for wood.
  5. Third category of wood polish include semi solid polishes or paste Waxes. These are least harmful to the wood than the other two categories. But do not apply wax very frequently as a thick coat of wax above the surface of the wood will be created leading to its unattractive appearance. Although using wax polish is hard but always go for the semi solid wax polish for your wood furniture, cabinets and floor as it is the safest and does not cause any damage to your wood.
  6. Mix lemon oil in three parts of olive oil. Use this mixture as a wood furniture polish at home.
  7. Use scratch powder to cover the scratches on wood furniture. To apply this take a white soft cloth, apply powder on it and gently rub it on the surface of wood.
  8. To remove candle wax from your dining room furniture or any other wood let the wax get hardened after cooling. Now apply ice on it. Take plastic spatula to scrap the wax off.
  9. To get rid of water spot from the wooden table or furniture let it dry and then apply mayonnaise with soft white cloth. Rub it on the water mark and you will be surprised to see the watermark gone. Better to use wooden coaster under glass to avoid water marks.
  10. Never place wood furniture directly under the sun as this will cause the excess and quick dryness.
  11. While keeping hot dishes on your dining table use tablecloth or table mats.