Want to Pain Your House Successfully? Here are 5 Tips!

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By BenjaminBeck

People often assume that painting and decorating is something that anyone can do. After all, how difficult can it be to simply stick your brush into the paint and then apply it all over the wall?

And this is the reason why people often opt to paint their houses on their own or go for individuals who happen to be part time decorators.

Bear in mind that these decorators are not professionals and so they are most likely to screw up. People often opt for cheap material. But what they seem to be forgetting in such instances is that their house happens to be quite a valuable asset for them.

So instead of trying to save money by buying low-quality paint, that will make your house look like a kid’s artbook opt for high-quality material and get the job done properly. Now if you wish to paint your house on your own, by all means, do it, but make sure you know what to and how to go about it. Otherwise, you really need a professional like these painters and decorators in Balham.

Here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. Painting is not an easy job!

Painting your house is not going to be easy. Understand that until and unless you have the right materials, the right tools, the experience and the confidence to paint and decorate your house it might be a better option to get a professional to do the job instead.

When getting a quote for your home, make sure you get at least 3 quotes. Also, do not opt for the cheap ones. The higher quality products you use, the longer your paint job will last!

  1. You need to prepare!

Prepare your rooms before you decide to grab the brush and get to work. You need to use fillers for gaps that can be seen around the windows, scrape away the old paint, kill off the moulds; you need to do all of this before you paint.

Also, make sure you don’t buy the one-coat paint because these colors happen to have the worst opacity ever.

  1. Use good quality materials!

Understand that buying good, branded paint and tools will make your paint last longer! Cheap, poor quality paint will only last for half the amount of time and also will cost you more money in the end. You’ll have to get a touch up done now and then.

  1. Get all those edges done first!

Always start from the edges under the windows. Also, tackle the corners and the door frames first. This makes the overall job incredibly easy.

Start from the top and work all the way down. Also, when you are dipping the brush, do make sure you only dip it about a quarter way in. This way no excess paint will run down your hands nor will any paint drip.

  1. Think like a pro!

Make sure you wear old clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Cover your entire room to prevent it from getting ruined. Remove lamps, furniture, etc. Get your hands on a good, sturdy ladder, and you are good to go.