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Craigslist Fresno: A Reedley woman has lost $1,200 to a scammer who posted a rental property on Craigslist. Kris Novoa has told her landlord that Kris and her family must move out of their home by June 30th.

Novoa said, “It is a desperate time to me, and I have to get out of here by 30th., I’m pretty certain this person didn’t understand my situation, but it’s almost like he took advantage of the wrong time.”

The family was unable to find a rental that would be affordable due to the current competitive housing market. Novoa said Wood Dresser that they had emailed several places, and they replied saying that somebody else already has it or they don’t have any.

Craigslist Fresno Ad

Novoa said that her son found the Craigslist Fresno advertisement for the rental property. It was beautiful and well-priced. She then reached out to the man behind the advertisement via text. Novoa claims that the man sent her over 20 photos of the property, both inside and outside. Novoa eventually sent $1200 to the man for the deposit as well as the application fee. The application was completed by her with all her personal information, including Social Security numbers.

Novoa started to be suspicious when the man demanded that she pay the first and last months rents before Novoa had seen the lease agreement.

“And then, a few hours later, he said, okay, in order to get the going or whatever he needed the first and final month’s rent,” Novoa said. “And I said well, when will you be getting the key?”

  • In an attempt to persuade her to send the money, the man sent her a bizarre message.
  • Novoa read the text message and said, “You can send the payment and I promise you my word.”
  • Shelby Bracho, FOX26 reporter, was able to speak with the homeowner. He said that he had recently listed the property and sold it. This could explain how the photos were obtained.
  • You can check the identity of property owners on Fresno County’s website. All you need is the property number.
  • Craigslist Fresno. Craigslist offers youy local classifieds and forums to post jobs, housing, for purchase, services, and other events.

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