Step by Step: The Best Way To Clean Windows

These are the steps you need to take to transform your windows.

Step 1: Get your window cleaning supplies. To make the process easier, ensure you have all of your supplies at hand before you start. Get your vinegar and water to clean the windows. Next, grab paper towels and microfiber cloths for any other items.

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Step 2: Apply the solution on the window. Spray the solution with a spray bottle, or dip the sponge in a small bowl of solution. The window’s surface should be covered.

Step 3: Dry the window. To dry the glass, you can use a paper towel or squeegee. To get rid of any remaining solution, use long, even strokes and repeat the process several times. Make sure the cleaning agent you use isn’t contaminated with fibers.

For a natural solution, you can clean windows with vinegar

Homemade water and vinegar window cleaners are a cost-effective and non-toxic option to commercial cleaners. Vinegar can be used to clean windows naturally. Vinegar’s natural acidity dissolves the grime and streaks that build up on windows without using harsh chemicals. Vinegar and water are an inexpensive, non-toxic and safe anti-bacterial cleaner. You’ll also leave your windows sparkling clean!

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Vinegar is acidic by itself so it’s important that you water it down to reduce its acidity. Although vinegar can be safely used in cooking, it is important to properly prepare it so that it doesn’t cause damage to a