Step by Step: The Best Way To Clean Windows

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By BenjaminBeck

These are the steps you need to take to transform your windows.

Step 1: Get your window cleaning supplies. To make the process easier, ensure you have all of your supplies at hand before you start. Get your vinegar and water to clean the windows. Next, grab paper towels and microfiber cloths for any other items.

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Step 2: Apply the solution on the window. Spray the solution with a spray bottle, or dip the sponge in a small bowl of solution. The window’s surface should be covered.

Step 3: Dry the window. To dry the glass, you can use a paper towel or squeegee. To get rid of any remaining solution, use long, even strokes and repeat the process several times. Make sure the cleaning agent you use isn’t contaminated with fibers.

For a natural solution, you can clean windows with vinegar

Homemade water and vinegar window cleaners are a cost-effective and non-toxic option to commercial cleaners. Vinegar can be used to clean windows naturally. Vinegar’s natural acidity dissolves the grime and streaks that build up on windows without using harsh chemicals. Vinegar and water are an inexpensive, non-toxic and safe anti-bacterial cleaner. You’ll also leave your windows sparkling clean!

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Vinegar is acidic by itself so it’s important that you water it down to reduce its acidity. Although vinegar can be safely used in cooking, it is important to properly prepare it so that it doesn’t cause damage to any surfaces you are cleaning. This easy DIY recipe takes very little time and is simple to follow. Combine:

Equal parts water

Equal parts white vinegar

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray the glass with your homemade window cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the glass clean. You can reduce or increase the amount of solution by simply doubling or cutting down on the recipe. This all-natural solution is easy to replicate and disinfect all surfaces.

Pro tip: This same solution can be used on stainless steel cutlery to make your knives, forks and spoons sparkle.

You’ll need all the tools and products you need to clean your windows

You can find everything you need to clean windows with vinegar in your local home improvement store. These items are not necessary, but you will need the right combination.

Spray bottle: This spray bottle should not be mixed with any other cleaners as it could add additional chemicals or scents that could interfere with the cleaning results.

Sponge: You can use any standard dishwashing sponge, but natural sponges made from walnuts are also good for the environment.

Squeegee is your best friend when it comes to washing large windows. Spray the solution onto the window and wipe the area until it is clean and dry.

Microfiber cloth: This eco-friendly, lint-free and highly absorbent cloth is a dream. It can remove grime easily and leave behind glass that is sparkling clean.

Dishwashing detergent: For extremely stubborn stains or grime, first wash your windows with water and dishwashing soap. Next, use vinegar to clean everything.

White vinegar: To make a multi-purpose cleaning agent, you just need to mix it with water.

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These items will make your windows sparkle in no time.

Tips to avoid streaks in your windows

Window streaks are one of the most frustrating aspects of cleaning glass. These tips will help you get rid of those annoying problems once and for all.

First, get rid of any stubborn grime: If you have window grime beyond the reach of a vinegar solution, use some dishwashing detergent to clean it. This will remove stubborn stains, allowing the vinegar solution to perform at its best.

Vinegar is acidic by itself. Always dilute it. You can make a safe, effective and gentle solution for glass by diluting the vinegar with equal amounts of water. This will ensure streak-free results.

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Make sure to dry the glass completely. If water or vinegar remains on the glass there is a high chance of streaks. To remove any streaks or to make the window sparkling clean, use a microfiber cloth, paper towel, or to use a squeegee.