How to Decorate Your Living Room With Antiques

Antiques can add character and visual interest to any living space, whether at a garage sale or as gifts from family and friends. Here are some excellent strategies for using them in modern homes.

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What is an Antique?

Antique and vintage are often used interchangeably; both terms describe objects that are older or of significant historical value. There’s often a distinction in materiality that becomes essential when decorating or collecting an item of this nature.

Antique items typically date back at least 100 years and are of some historical significance, while more contemporary vintage pieces range between 20 to 100 years. Being older vintage items are usually more costly and sought-after.

Mixing traditional and contemporary design isn’t always simple, and using standard techniques and tools of interior decor may not always prove effective. Here are some ideas for including antique items into modern living spaces.

Work in Antique Lighting

A touch of antique lighting will add warmth, charm, and old-world elegance to your living space. Light fixtures from bygone eras are now collector’s items such as chandeliers, oil lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps constructed out of various materials.

Think carefully about the size and layout of your space before choosing chandeliers over table lamps; some rooms require warm illumination while some need the dramatic flair that only an ornate chandelier can bring. Swapping out your lamp shade for something classic and unique may create the desired vintage aesthetic.

Layer Antique Pieces with Modern Ones

To achieve an individual and unique style that truly reflects you, look for opportunities to combine antiques with your furniture.

There are multiple approaches you could take when selecting furniture to contrast against an ant