Tips for Choosing the Best Heat Pump

Selecting an efficient heating system for your home is a critical decision that could impact its sustainability and power costs. Here we examine key aspects to help make an informed decision when installing heat pumps; as well as addressing some frequently asked questions. We is one of the nation’s premier distributors of pumps and pump parts for various applications, such as hydronic cooling and heating systems and steam heating equipment. From Bell & Gossett and Zoeller to Armstrong and Taco pumps, State Supply stocks an assortment of hydronic, condensate, boiler feed pumps, vacuum and sump pumps from many top brands for its clients’ every need.

Understand what a heat pump is and how it works

Heat pumps are modern marvels of technology and design that use heat transfer from outside air into structures, water sources, storage units or any other structures requiring cooling or heating by moving heat energy between air sources and areas or bodies of water that require cooling or heating. A heat source “pumps” heat either inside your house (when desired) or away from it (for cooler temperatures).

Heat can either be extracted from cold outside air using a compressor and electricity, or extracted from inside a house and then pumping out. We refer to this latter technique as the simpler one and will explore this procedure more in-depth here.

Heat is then taken up by refrigerants; CO2 being the most energy-efficient. There is also an extensive variety of refrigerants on the market to choose from; gaseous heat passes through an air compressor to increase pressure and temperature for easy home heating.

Understand the main types of heat pumps

There are two main types of air source heat pumps:

  • Air to heat pumps (also known as air source heat pumps or AHSPs) use fans to absorb and transfer the outside air’s warmth into your home via an intake.
  • Heating water through air pumps – These devices utilize heat from outside air and move it into your home for hot water heating, underfloor heating or any other purpose.

Understand which heat pumps are best for cold climates

When you encounter products with “heat” in their name, this should prompt some discussion! In particular, do heat pumps really perform in conditions with consistently low temperatures? Additionally, it is essential that we understand all factors which affect durability and performance of heating systems, such as:

  • Quality
  • Model
  • Operating temperature

There may be times when it is so cold that a heat