Must-have mobile apps in South Korea

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By BenjaminBeck

Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the South Korean government has had a series of entry restrictions and inspections for health and safety measures, reduced flights, and changes in visa policies. Major colleges and universities have also canceled or postponed graduation ceremonies, welcome parties, and other large-scale events, and required students returning to school are needed to be isolated. Some schools have centralized isolation in their dormitories, and students and professors who do not live in the dormitory will be required to stay at home.

This has caused many tenants to worry about whether the landlord will refuse to return or rent the house to himself. Don’t worry, during the validity period of the house contract, the landlord has no right to quarantine the tenants or clear the house. Of course, considering the landlord’s relationship with you, it is recommended not to go out for a while after negotiation or implementing home isolation. Although, the specific measures depend on the situation. After all, in extraordinary times, the entry and lifestyle in South Korea are different from usual. For the safety of everyone and the people around us, but also to maintain a good international image.

In Seoul housing, it is very important to conduct self-home isolation, prevent yourself from going out, have contact with other people and do a good job in virus prevention.

How to guarantee the quality of life in Korean housing? I’ve made a complete list of apps that you might need so you can avoid going outside of your home and bring almost everything you need right on your doorstep, and also get some great deals in online shopping.

1 All-inclusive shopping websites

  • Coupang(쿠팡)

Coupang is South Korea’s largest lifestyle shopping website. “Rocket Delivery” is its service feature. It can arrive in the early morning or during the day after the order is placed, and it is also delivered on weekends.

  • G-market(G-마켓)

Korean online shopping mall, the global version has Chinese and English, supports overseas delivery and Paypal checkout, suitable for couples who just moved to Korea, there are monthly coupons for membership as well.

  • Olive Young(올리브영)

The app version of Olive Young, one of Korea’s largest beauty complex stores, is available for online shopping.

  • Hwahae(화해)

Probably one of the most popular apps for beauty and skincare products in Korea. You can shop directly for beauty and skincare products, makeup ingredients, and see reviews and rankings of popular items.

  • Zigzag(지그재그)

Women’s online shopping app. Zigzag is one of the clothing stores that always have new clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. in real-time.

  • ABC-MART Korea

This is the largest shoe chain store in South Korea, you can shop directly through the app and get great deals.

  • Joonggonara(중고나라)

The Korean version of “Salted Fish”, a second-hand trading website. (Friendly reminder: second-hand trading is risky, so be cautious!)

  • Ohou(오늘의집)

Furniture and soft furnishing shopping sites, partial ins style, there are many good-looking home furnishings. You can use your time at home to create your own warm nest in your furnished apartment in Seoul.

2 Food delivery services

  • Baemin(배달의민족)
  • Yogiyo(배달요기요)
  • Baedaltong(배달통)

These are the three major food delivery apps in South Korea. They usually offer discount coupons for the first order, and some stores can choose face-to-face cash or card settlement. Also, some restaurants have individual apps for their food deliveries, and you can search these apps in the app store.

3 News & Browsing

  • Naver(네이버)

Naver is the Korean version of Google. Necessary for overseas office, study, and life. Struggle in South Korea’s largest online community, and all-around website for housing rental, part-time job recruitment, commodity trading, and entertainment.

  • Naver Papago

Is an AI translation software that is more accurate in translating the Korean language.

4 Social media& Entertainment

  • Youtube& Netflix streaming

You can watch different kinds of videos and dramas without having breaks

  • Afreeca TV

South Korea’s live broadcast platform, a technology-based video streaming service where you can watch Esports live.

  • Kakao Talk

South Korea’s most popular messaging app. It can be connected to a Korean mobile phone number and has additional functions such as collecting coins, claiming gift vouchers, shopping, booking tickets, checking information, and watching the news.

  • Facebook

A global social network service that is also available in South Korea.

  • Instagram

A social media app, owned by Facebook. Providing online photo and video sharing.

5 Local Services

  • Job Korea(잡코리아)
  • Saramin(사람인)
  • Alba(알바천국)

These are apps you can use when you’re looking for jobs(full-time or part-time) in South Korea. Foreigners who are interested in working or part-time in Korea can check it out to learn about relevant information and prepare application materials in advance.

  • Woori Bank(우리은행)
  • KB Star(국민은행)
  • Nonghyup Banking(농협은행)

Many Korean banks have launched their online banking apps. After applying for a card in South Korea, you can ask the bank teller for access to your online bank. Online transfers, payments, inquiries, financial management, etc., bringing convenience to the lives of wanderers who cannot go to a bank or ATM on a normal basis.

When the quarantine period is lifted and the situation improves, and when you can go out safely, you might as well take a look at these apps:

  • Naver Map(네이버지도)

A map produced by Naver is quite accurate in South Korea. It can be set to English in the language settings. You can also use this app to navigate if you are looking for a new place to stay in, like a korean villa apartment.

  • KoBus(고속버스티머니)

South Korea’s express bus reservation, online payment for reservation is also supported in this app.

  • Kakao Metro(카카오지하철)

This app is a subway route guide produced by Kakao.

  • Kakao T(카카오)

The Korean version of Uber, a transportation service app including taxi-rides, driver booking, nearby parking search, etc.

  • Tada(타다)

A South Korean app for hiring commercial vehicles. This is recommended for business or urgent trips. This app provides information such as customer reviews, pictures, addresses, business hours, and price lists.

  • Megabox(메가박스)
  • Lotte Cinema(롯데시네마)
  • CJ CGV

These are movie theaters in which you can purchase tickets and check movies, showing schedules, and theater locations.