Organizing Your Garage with Hook and Loop Cable Wraps

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By BenjaminBeck

Having a messy garage can be incredibly frustrating. As life gets busy you start to neglect your garage and soon it becomes a storage room with boxes and junk piled high. It becomes even more daunting and more of a chore when you have to think about cleaning it.

From tools to toys and everything in between your garage can quickly accumulate stuff. When you go to start organizing your garage you will want to make it effective and easy to locate items. Having correct storage and good organizing methods will really come in handy when you finding better cable wrap solutions for cable management and start organizing your tools.

Cleaning Out Your Garage

The worst and easily the hardest part of organizing your garage is just starting. It is hard to know where to begin when you are trying to clean up your garage space. Cleaning out your garage can feel overwhelming, but once you get going you will be one step closer to a cleaner and better garage.

You will want to start by going through all of your stuff and choosing what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. I am sure that there are things scattered throughout your garage that you no longer use or need. This is the perfect time to figure out what those things are and either sell them, donate them, or toss them in the trash.

If you need some extra cash consider having a garage sale. If you can donate items in your garage, you absolutely should. Going through your stuff can also be a good trip down memory lane and you might be able to find things you forgot that you had.

Storage and Organization Solutions

Now that you have gone through your garage and have reduced what you have and have gotten rid of the things you no longer need you can start thinking about how you want to organize it. This is the part that will take the most planning, but when done correctly you can set yourself up for success.

Start considering what you have in your garage and what you will need to be storing. If you are really into outdoor activities and have bikes and hiking gear, considering storing them on the walls. Not only will it look nice, but it will also contribute to getting things off of the floor.

If you have a lot of tools, consider getting a tool chest or hanging a pegboard that you can hang things on. If you have a lot of cables floating around consider coiling them up with hook and loop cable wraps and then storing them on hooks. Utilizing wall space is a great idea in a garage because it gives you more vertical space than you may have had otherwise.

Bins and Boxes

Many people use their old moving boxes for storage in their garage. Overtime these start to wear out and can get water damage and do not stack easily. This makes garage organization more cumbersome and you are less likely to make an effort to keep it clean. Try ditching old moving boxes and upgrading to clear plastic bins.

Making use of clear plastic bins in your garage is perfect for storing items. Not only can you see what is inside the bins you can also label them and stack them for easy access.

Some ideas for storing items in bins would be for sporting equipment to go in bins. Do you have seasons where you live? Separate the gear by season and put the current season’s bin on top so you can get in and out of it easier. Do you have a lot of tech gear and equipment? Try getting hook and loop cable wraps that have labels so you can clearly identify what you have.

Finishing Touches and Upkeep

The most important part about organizing your garage and keeping it clean is to maintain it. Taking the time to put things back where they belong helps you to be able to maintain a grasp on the mess. As far as regular maintenance goes take some time every month or every couple of months to donate or get rid of things you no longer need.

You could even make it something that you do with your entire family. Cleaning and organizing does not have to be torture. Find ways to make it fun and maybe treat yourself to something fun afterwards. If you find ways to give yourself and your family incentives to clean the garage it becomes less of a chore and can even be good bonding time.