Plumbing Parts Plus: and Tips

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By BenjaminBeck

It is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home and one of the few places guests will visit. Therefore, it is important to maintain it regularly. There are plenty of Plumbing Parts Plus problems, no matter how big or small your bathroom is. Keep your bathroom clean and in good condition to avoid plumbing emergencies. Here are some plumbing tips that will help you get your bathroom in order and avoid plumbing emergencies.

Toilets Plumbing Parts Plus

Your toilet is the most likely source of water leakage in your bathroom. Slow leaks can waste approximately 30 gallons per day, while Cellino Plumbing running toilets can waste an average 200 gallons per day. Water waste quickly accumulates.

Repair Leaks

You can’t afford to let water flow, no matter if it’s a slow leak or a running toilet. Add a few drops food coloring to the tank of your toilet to check for leaks. This will change the color of the water. Check the bowl of your toilet after 30 minutes to make sure that no coloring has seeped in. If the toilet bowl is stained, it’s likely that there is a leak. To avoid staining, flush immediately and contact your local plumber to repair.


Because faucets are made with moving parts, they stand out from other parts of the Plumbing Parts Plus system. Your faucet will keep water flowing, no matter what purpose it serves.

Repair Leaks

Although it’s easy for us to overlook the little drip coming from the sink, the EPA says that a faucet that leaks just one drop per minute wastes approximately 3,000 gallons of water each year. This is equivalent to 180 showers. Is it possible to spend money on water that you don’t use? If the water is not stopping flowing, you might need to turn off your main water valve. To prevent more damage, approach leaks with caution. Stop leaking faucets and start saving money today.

Pro Tip: If you are getting irritated by the drippy sound, there is an easy solution. Attach a piece string to the faucet, with one end hanging down so that it touches the sink bowl. The water drops will settle on the string and cause the noise to disappear. That peace and quiet can be used to call your Plumbing Parts Plus professional.


Low or weak water pressure can indicate that your plumbing system needs maintenance. This is more common in older homes. It could be due to a leaky pipe or an underperforming water heater, corrosion or buildup in your shower head.

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wash the shower head. The solution should be poured over the shower head. Attach the bag to the neck with a rubber band, twist tie or a string. Allow to dry overnight so that water pressure is restored by the morning.