Lucas Cellino, “Cellino Plumbing” And HVAC

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By BenjaminBeck

As we interview Lucas Cellino, Cellino Plumbing & HVAC. They offer full-service plumbing and HVAC services to the greater Buffalo, NY region. They have 23 trucks and are growing at a rate of over 35% annually. Lucas shares amazing insight into how they keep their phones ringing, trucks running and business booming.

I loved this interview because it contained one of my favorite quotes: “We run an advertising company that happens to be a plumber.” This is amazing!

Allison speaks with Lucas Cellino, a Buffalo, New York resident on this episode of The Plumbing and HVAC Marketing Show. Cellino Plumbing, which has been renamed Cellino Plumbing and HVAC over the past few months, has really established themselves in the market. Cellino Plumbing & HVAC Whipple Plumbing has seen a 35% increase in their business over the past year, and now they have 23 trucks on the road. Lucas shares his secrets for rapid growth with us.

How did Lucas get started in Plumbing?

Lucas’s father founded the company 25 years ago. He was more interested in plumbing fittings than Lego, and knew from a young age that he wanted to be a part of the company. From a young age, he began to help his father in the business. He assumed the role of office manager 8 years ago. This included managing payroll and the website. At the time, he didn’t know much about SEO and websites. He has since learned so much about SEO, Pay Per Click.

Do you think it is important to have a marketing team?

Cellino Plumbing & HVAC now has an internal marketing team. They also use SEO for Plumbing and HVAC. The marketing department was responsible for the company’s small size with 7 employees. Two years ago, the business saw significant growth after they started using HVAC SEO and Plumbing. There are many ways to define marketing, but Lucas sees it as an integral part of their business. He understands that marketing is an integral part of every business. Cellino Plumbing, he says, is a marketing company that also does plumbing. Are you able to rely on your marketing staff?

How do they train their Employees?

Training is an essential part of any business. Even Lucas is always learning. Two business coaches help him to learn about business. Cellino Plumbing and HVAC have service managers for each department. This includes underground, heating and cooling as well as plumbing. They train new employees on Nexstar for two weeks before they go into the warehouse. Lucas believes that having someone to train new employees is a great way to retain them.