The Most Popular Shades of “Red Hair Dye” Color

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By BenjaminBeck

Do you have ever considered dyeing your hair red? Perhaps you were a redhead growing up, or you just love red hair. Red is a striking hair color that grabs attention instantly. Red hair dye colors can make a big impact on people’s perceptions. Here are some great tips from Matrix to help you choose the perfect Red Hair Dye color.

Warm Reds Red Hair Dye

  1. Bright copper hair color

Bright copper hair color is vibrant and intense, like a shiny new penny. This is a great choice for those with fair, golden-toned or peach-colored skin. This is the color that makes you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Ginger Red Hair Dye Color

Ginger Red Hair Dye is a warm, medium or light reddish brown tone. It is one of the most natural-looking colors on the spectrum. In the UK, natural redheads such as Prince Harry are known as “gingers”. Natural redheads are those with fair skin, green or brown eyes and freckled complexions.

  1. Copper Highlights

Red hair dye can have copper highlights added to dark red tones to give it more dimension. Balayage highlights can be a natural, modern look. Ask your stylist about it. If your skin is light or dark, add copper highlights to Red Hair Dye color.

4. Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn is a combination of light golden red hair and light brown. This color has been perfected by Emma Stone. If you have a golden, creamy complexion, with blue, green, or brown eyes, it’s a stunning shade.

  1. Medium Auburn Hair Color

Medium auburn is a mixture of medium red and medium brown. This shade is best illustrated by Scandal’s Darby Stachfield. It looks striking with her blue eyes and porcelain skin. It is also a great choice for those with warm brown eyes or greenish-brown eyes.

  1. Golden Copper Hair Color

Golden copper is warm and spicy. It’s a combination of light, bright red and dark golden blonde. This shade is worn beautifully by actresses Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Jessica Gould. This shade is best for those with a peach, neutral, or golden complexion. It also works well if you have brown, blue, green, or hazel eyes.

  1. Red Copper Hair Color or Red Hair Dye

The red copper hair color is rich and bright, a combination of orange/brown and red. This color will suit fair-to-medium skin, with peach-toned or golden-toned eyes and blue, green, or hazel eyes. Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is strong and beautiful with her red copper hair color.

  1. Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair color is a combination of deep, rich red and warm brown. This is a sophisticated and elegant shade of red that looks great on anyone with warm skin tones, from peaches and cream to golden, bisque, and with blue, green or warm brown eyes. Julianne Moore, actress and model, has made dark auburn hair her trademark.

  1. Red Mahogany Hair Color

Red mahogany is a dark, cool, and reddish-brown color. This is a great choice for those with fair to medium-cool skin, green, or blue eyes.

  1. Cherry Brown Hair Color

Cherry brown hair color is a wonderful combination of rich brown and rosy red. Think cherry cola! This shade is best for those with medium-to-deep, cool-toned brown eyes and skin that is medium to deep.

  1. Hair dye color in intense red

Intense Red Hair Dye is a vibrant, intense, true-red shade. Rihanna wore intense Red Hair Dye in 2012 to the delight of millions. The result was stunning with Rihanna’s brown eyes and deep, golden complexion. You can also try it if your skin is olive.

  1. Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose gold hair color is a popular choice today. It’s a pinky coppery shade that was inspired by the jewelry. Rose gold hair color is versatile and can be intense or subtle. It’s perfect for anyone with a tan, olive, or porcelain complexion and for all eye colors.

  1. Cherry Hair Color

Cherry hair color is rich and deep in color, with a hint of blue/brown. This color looks great on darker skin tones, and it brings out the richness in brown eyes.

  1. Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy is a dramatic shade of red violet that makes hair stand out. This color is best for people with dark complexions or olive-toned. It looks great with brown eyes or icy blue eyes.

  1. Black Cherry Hair Color

The black cherry hair color is rich and deep blue with a hint of red. This color looks best on those with darker skin tones, and people who have cool brown eyes.