The Top Useful Tips to Get an Excellent Paint Job

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By BenjaminBeck

You can change the entire outlook of a room with a new paint job. Here are a few tips with which you can get an exceptional paint job done easily.

  1. Organize yourself

Set up a tool station in the center of the area you have to paint. Collect all the paints, brushes, screwdrivers, rollers, plastic bags, hammers, can openers, drop cloths, rags, and plastic wrap.

  1. Preparation comes first

Before you start to paint, patch up all the holes and cracks. Move all the furniture to one place, cover the light fixtures and walls with plastic bags and tape the borders of windows and doors with blue painter’s tape.

  1. Clear out everything

Remove all the accessories from the room to be painted including pictures and paintings. If there is no place for you to store the furniture for the time being, then you can put everything in the center of the room and use a drop cloth to cover them.

  1. Remove hardware

Painting around cabinet hinges and door knobs is no easy task and the paint will definitely drip. Have some Ziploc bags at your disposal and remove all hinges, cabinet and door knobs, outlet covers, light fixtures, and light switch plates. Label them so that putting them back is easy.

  1. Prepare yourself

Remove all jewelery when painting. Use some comfortable but old clothes for painting along with slip-on shoes so that you can take them off easily. When you are painting the ceiling, cover your hair with a hat or scarf and if you wear glasses, then cover them with plastic.

  1. Get your walls fixed first

If there are any cracks or holes in your walls, it is better to get those fixed before painting.

  1. Get all the required products

Every year, you will find new products in the market that will make your painting job easier and enjoyable. Do some research and get the ones that are perfect for your job.

  1. Clean up

Some sort of cleaning up is always required even if you manage to not drip any paint. Some touching up needs to be done and you will have to put things away as well.

A few other tips:

  • When you need a break, just wrap your brushes in a plastic wrap and put them away in a plastic bag.
  • Keep rags close to you. You will need them to clean up any spills, wipe your hands, catch drips, and wipe off any extra paint.
  • Have some razor blades with you so that you can scrape off excess paint from glass, tiles, and windows.
  • You don’t need to make space to store a big paint can to save the little paint that’s left after the paint job. Just store the extra paint in a small glass jar.
  • Keep a little paint in small food containers for touching up any dents or scratches. When you need to make any repair, just use a Q-tip or a foam brush.

The next time you decide to paint, keep these tips in mind. However, if you are thinking of a professional service, then hire someone really professional at theirwork, maybe consider these painters and decorators in Bromley.