Why is Preparation Vital for Decorating and Painting?

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By BenjaminBeck

There are basically three reasons for which we paint a surface. The first is the protection and the preservation of the foundation of the building. The layer of paint acts as a defense against various elements.

The second is the fact that you get a surface which is not only easy to clean but also keeps dirt and moisture away from the building’s foundation.

The last is for aesthetic purposes. Painting a wall gives color and life to bland surfaces.

However, the painting process isn’t the hard work. In fact, the most laborious task comes even before you picture the final product. It is only when you pay great attention to the preparation as well as to detail do you get a professional and long lasting finish.

The Preparation

Preparation doesn’t involve dusting and quickly rubbing off surfaces. It includes protection of the area surrounding the place you want to paint and removal of furniture. Both of these not only protect the possessions of the customers but also save your time when you clean up after you’re done.

An expert like thesePainters in Chislehurstshould be familiar with the surface in great detail and should be able to identify problematic areas.

The next thing is the surface. The longevity of the final finish of your paint job depends on the surface’s quality, but there are a few safety and health issues that need to be addressed as well.

For example, the latest synthetic coatings are full of various chemicals; however, older layers can contain life-risking chemicals like lead and asbestos. It is vital for your health and those surrounding you that you keep this in mind.

If you remove off the old layer with a blow torch, try replacing those with infrared speed heaters. Since they don’t vaporize lead, they are comparatively safer to use. Furthermore, they also kill mold spores and mildew and also extract moisture from wood surfaces. For a smooth finish, you can simply use a dust-free sanding system.

Be Attentive

Be very attentive when doing your job. For example, it is better to work on one metal surface at one time because working on two panels at once will cause some trouble because metal tends to expand and contract.

Of course, it is imperative that you remove all the old layers instead of piling a new one over the old ones. Therefore, it is advisable to start from scratch. This way, you can get the basics you want.

The other thing to remember is that fillers that are ready mixed are a big no. It is vital that you build the surface slowly. This way, you will prevent slumping and will also provide your paint job with strength before you sand it down. Yes, this is time-consuming, but the results you get are incomparable. Using ready mixed fillers and hurrying is a big mistake that people generally make which is why they don’t end up with the desired results.

The last step is to dust for which you can use the dust-free sander. Remember, dust is the arch nemesis of a smooth finish. So, it is imperative that you dust before you start, and once you finish.

The bottom line is, preparation involves paying attention to detail and practicing patience.