7 Essential Tips for Starting a House Renovation

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By BenjaminBeck

Invest in Key Lockboxes

Consider investing in a key locking box if you plan on House Renovation before moving in. If there are large projects you cannot do yourself, you’ll need to hire someone. Don’t forget to hire a contractor if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours to allow workers in. Install smart door hardware or a lockbox that allows you to grant access to your guests by entering their code. It will save you time, fuel, and unpleasant early morning wake up calls.

Spend some time in the Space

It’s important to not make decisions like carpet colors or light fixtures before you actually spend time in your renovation space. You might be overwhelmed by the options if you need to replace worn-out carpet. What about loose fibers or dense? Is there a pattern or not? What shade of grey? It all depends on the details of the renovation such as the choice of paint colors.

You still need to see the paint on walls even if you have chosen paint palettes prior to renovations. You may find that your decisions regarding colors change as you live in the house. You might also discover that your existing light fixtures may not be as brightly lit by freshly painted walls or new carpet.

If you spend a little more time before painting and recarpeting to consider how everything works together in the room you’re remodeling, you can save several back-to-the-drawing-board moments.

Be realistic about your time

It will take longer to complete your home renovation than you anticipated. Make sure to be flexible and prepared. It might seem easy to replace a whirlpool tub with an old double vanity in a bathroom. The removal of old fixtures can be done in a few hours. However, the process of finding a new tub or vanity can take many weeks. Delivery can take two additional weeks. It is possible to expect your new hall bath to be ready within one week. However, it can take six weeks for them to arrive. Don’t be unrealistic about the renovation timeline. You can choose your updates before you take out the old materials.

Expect the Unexpected

Each home has secrets, hidden under the floors and walls. These secrets may be brought to light through renovations.

When measuring your hardwood floors, your contractor may tell you that your floors are uneven as a result of a shifted center joint. It’s up to you to correct the mistake made by the home inspector and have the floorjoist replaced before the new material can be laid. This is only one possible outcome. To be prepared for the unexpected, you need to plan ahead and include extra money in your budget for renovations.

Interview Multiple Contractors

Interviewing multiple contractors is a smart way to get bids from different companies. Imagine that you are looking to have your water heater moved from upstairs and installed in the garage. The first plumber may tell you he will charge $6,000 to replace your hot water lines. This would be in addition to cutting into your living area tray ceiling. Perhaps the second plumber finds it too difficult for his schedule. The plumber three plans to complete the job within a day and charge $32,285 without any water line routing.

Without interviewing several contractors, you risk overpaying and not getting what your want. Do your homework before you make a decision.

Renovate Your Kitchen First

It is common for homeowners to want to know which order to renovate their home. Because these remodeling can increase your home’s value, it is best to begin with the kitchen. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2022 remodeling impact study, Realtors have estimated that homeowners could recover 75% of the total cost of a kitchen renovation if their home is sold. If you already have a kitchen that is outdated, you can upgrade it to improve your home’s value.

Practically, it’s best to start the kitchen remodel first. It will generate the most dust and debris which can be harmful to new paint or finish jobs. Placing plastic over doors or passes-throughs is a great way to keep any demolition debris contained. It can take many months to remodel a kitchen so you will need to install a temporary substitute kitchen in your family room, dining area, or other adjacent space.

Be Specific about Design Ideas

Before you meet with an interior designer, it is important to narrow down your design preferences. Browse interior decorating magazines and websites for inspiration. It is important to have a clear idea of the design direction you want. This will prevent you from being sold on other designers’ ideas that might not be yours.

Your budget should be kept in mind when you are working with a designer. You shouldn’t let them purchase costly materials and then later charge you for them. You will also keep your costs low if you can stick to a deadline.

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