Before you get a new roof, learn the basics of your roof

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If you don’t understand the components of a roof, it can be difficult to get a new one. What to look for and what to pay attention to. Nashville roofing company arrive at the time we say we’ll be there, and do what we promise to do.

We at roof repairs in Nashville try to make communication as simple and seamless as possible. However, there are times when we might use industry-specific words and phrases that you may not have heard of. It’s part of the territory!

We don’t want to leave you in the dark. So we decided to compile a list of roofing terms that we most frequently use and that we think you should know.

These are the basics. You’ll soon be able to talk like a roofer.


What is the first thing people think about when they talk about roofs? It’s the part we see when we look at it. It’s its surface, its exterior. This is most often a roofing material known as shingles.

Shingles are your first line protection against the elements. There are many materials available, and which type of shingles to use depends on where you live and what the climate is.

We will always assist you in choosing the right shingles. Asphalt shingles, slate, metal, and wooden shingles are the most popular. You can also choose from a variety of styles and colors so that you can find the right one for your home.


Flashing is basically a way to keep water from your home around the points where different roof elements meet. Flashing is used at all transitions between different roof elements, such as around chimney skylights and hips, roof valleys, vents, or other roof areas.

Flashing is an important part of your roof because it directs water into gutters and prevents leaks. It can be made from copper, aluminum or metal.

Gutter System

The gutter system can also protect against water damage and leaks, but in a different manner. Flashing stops water from entering the house. However, gutters prevent water from accumulating on the roof and seeping into the walls.

The gutters are placed at the roof’s edges and the downspouts vertically installed on the house walls. This system allows excess water to drain easily towards the ground.

Decking (also known as Sheathing).

The roof deck, also known as the sheathing, is the lowest portion of the roof and connects directly to the attic. It serves as the foundation of the roof and is flat.

The main function of the roof sheathing is to support the entire roof. It makes it stronger, more durable, and more stable. You can make sheathing from plywood, composite wood, and oriented strand boards (OBS).


The underlayment is placed on top of the deck, and below the shingles. It protects you from further water damage and is waterproof or water-resistant.

It is usually made of rubberized asphalt, or asphalt-saturated feel.

Roofing Square

When measuring roofs, we use a square. It is the easiest method to determine how many shingles you will need to cover your roof.

To make it easier, a square equals 100 feet. This would mean that your roof has 1,500 square feet if it is 15 by 15.

Ridge & Ridge Vents

The roof ridge, which is simply the top of your roof and the horizontal line at its very top, is, quite simply, the peak. It is the highest point where the roof’s two or more sides meet.

Ridge vents are, as their name implies, little vents that are installed across the peak, or horizontal line. They allow air to circulate naturally. Why is this important? To ensure that your roof does not overheat or malfunction.

Roof Valley

Finally, there are the roof valleys. These are the bottom intersections of the roof, where the two roof slopes meet and form a type valley. These areas are extremely vulnerable as rainwater can easily accumulate in them. Flashing must be installed to stop water seeping in.

You now know how to talk to a roofer

That’s all! These are the most important terms and information about roofing that you need to be more informed and confident.

Roof repairs nashville can help you if you need a local professional roofing company or additional information. We are available 24/7!