Anthony Plumbing: Continues to Train

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By BenjaminBeck

Anthony Plumbing Continues to Train and pay Trainees even during pandemics

  • Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric saw demand for its services skyrocket in the aftermath of the pandemic, so they are paying new employees while they train.
  • Five years ago, the Lenexa-based company “Anthony University,” was established to teach new employees the skills they need and help them get the certifications they desire. During the 12-week training program, it has always paid these employees. It includes both classroom and field components.
  • It will offer the “earn and learn” option even during a pandemic. September is the start of the next HVAC technician class.
  • Steve Harper, senior technical instructor at anthony plumbing, said, “It’s great to see guys or gals come into, not knowing anything, become successful and be able provide for their family like they never had before.”
  • After completing the training, employees receive a raise and must agree to work for anthony plumbing for at least Craigslist Fresno two years.
  • Steve Burbridge, president and CEO of Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, stated that “We knew we needed to be there, and we also knew that we were a meaningful and valuable profession.”
  • Keith McNamara has recently graduated from the program. After working in restaurants for most of his adult lives, he is now an HVAC technician.
  • McNamara stated, “The fact I was paid throughout the entire 12 week period really made it worthwhile.”
  • His picture now appears on a truck, and he makes his own service calls.
  • Visit the website to learn more about Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric University.

This Rebound Rundo wn will show you how to Choose a New Career or Trade

  • You can choose a career or trade you are interested in.
  • Consider “earn as your learn” options. Some unions offer apprenticeships or paid training.
  • Before you agree to any program, read the fine print.
  • Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development offers scholarships to workers who have been displaced by COVID-19 to help pay for online courses that will lead to a trade certificate.