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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This winter?

Winter is fast approaching, and homeowners are scrambling to get ready for cold weather. Magnolia Plumbing protection is an important aspect of winter preparation.

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Frozen pipes can cause extensive water damage and expensive repairs. It’s better to prevent freezing before winter begins than Anthony Plumbing to have to thaw frozen pipes in the coldest season. These are the basics steps to help prepare your plumbing for winter.

Magnolia Plumbing Insulation

Insulating pipes is one of the best ways to stop them freezing. Insulation that is specifically designed for pipes is available from many manufacturers. You can use it to wrap pipes to prevent direct freezing. Pipe insulation is affordable and can be installed by homeowners. However, professional installation is recommended. Insulating your plumbing can save you money and prevent costly problems in the winter.

Your Faucet Should Be Off-Line Magnolia Plumbing

The faucet can be left to run in cold weather as a cost-effective solution to frozen pipes. Only a small amount of water needs to be allowed to drip from the faucet. Water moves and creates friction, which raises the water’s internal temperature. This decreases the chance of pipes freezing if they are exposed to cold temperatures. The faucet can also be left on to reduce pressure in pipes. If left unchecked, freezing temperatures can lead to pipes burst.

Only a few weeks remain until fall’s first day. But if you want to get ahead of the curve on your home maintenance, this is the place for you! Here are all the tricks and tips you need to ensure that Magnolia Plumbing is ready for the new season.

The Sump Pump is tested

This is hurricane season and your sump pump must be in top condition to withstand the torrential rains that are coming. Because the weather can change quickly, it is important to test your sump pump immediately.

Magnolia offers 24 hour sump pump repairs in Washington DC and surrounding areas if your sump pump doesn’t work as it should.