Daddy’s Home 3: Is on the Air

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are paired in “daddy’s home 3”, a comedy that plunges them into a crowd-pleasing story where polar opposites meet up before they become best friends. Ferrell plays Brad Whitaker, the strait-laced radio executive who recently married Sarah Mayron (Linda Cardellini) in the first film. Brad attempts to bond with Sarah’s kids and seems to be gaining ground with them. But then Dusty (Wahlberg), their biological father, reenters their lives causing a disturbance. Brad finds himself in a battle for his children’s love and attention, a situation that is made worse by Dusty’s vow to drive Brad from the family nest.

Brad and Dusty finally settle their rivalry in “Daddy’s Home 2”. Brad and Sarah now have a son. Dusty has remarried to become a stepfather. Megan, Sarah and Dusty’s daughter, has made it public that she hates Christmas because of the custody arrangement they have set up. Dusty and Brad promise their families will celebrate one holiday. Brad’s father Don (John Lithgow), Dusty’s father Kurt(Mel Gibson) and all the chaos ensue.

Both films were successful at the box office, with “Daddy’s Home”, and its sequel, earning $242 million each (via Box Office Mojo), and $180 million respectively (via Box Office Mojo). A third film seems inevitable. We know a lot about “Daddy’s Home 3”.

Daddy’s Home 3 is on the air

At press time, Paramount Pictures does not appear to have any plans for “Daddy’s Home 3”. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell seem very busy at the moment. According to Ferrell’s IMDb listing the actor has six projects in his pipeline and is currently filming “Spirited,” which is a new take on Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” Wahlberg has five films that are awaiting release or the beginning of principal photography. He is currently filming “Me Time”, a comedy, and “Arthur The King,” an adventure movie. The next project for the actor is “The Six Billion Dollar Man,” which will be a big-screen adaptation of “The Six Million Dollar Man” from 1970.