Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Supper Club

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By BenjaminBeck

In recent years, supper clubs have begun to appear in homes all over the world. Growing in popularity alongside a culture of food influencers, celebrity chefs, and mainstream cooking shows, many people are wanting to show off their own skills and celebrate food with others in their home.

In addition to being fun, shared experiences, they also allow a chef to earn income. Some sell tickets to their events while others ask for donations to cover food costs at the end of the evening. This makes it feasible to continue supper clubs based on the success of the previous events, as well as serving as a trial for a potential business. Now, it is more common to find restauranteurs who began their project inside their own home before bringing it to the high street.

So, if you want to start your own supper club, either to share your recipes with others or to begin your professional culinary journey, here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the Right Dishes 

Professional kitchens are able to produce high-quality dishes to hundreds of people every day. Your home, however, is unlikely to be able to match this output. When choosing the food you want to serve, it is important to figure out what you are capable of cooking. Think about home many people you will be serving not only in relation to your table size but also your oven. Don’t sell ten tickets if you only have eight plates.

You must also be conscious of serving times. If you plan on serving five courses, ensure that each can be delivered to the table promptly. Your guests won’t be happy if they have to wait for long periods during dishes. Even though the club is taking place within the home, professional service standards will be expected.

Home Design 

Your food is only one element of the supper club. Of course, it is the main element but this should not prevent you from making an effort with your home’s design. A clean and tidy space is expected but an atmospheric or welcoming one will be greatly appreciated.

If you are organising a themed event, such as a Greek food supper club, consider bringing appropriate design elements into your home to improve the experience. In warmer weather, food can be served outside, and, if you have space, the garden can even be the focus of the event. Those with outdoor pizza ovens and log cabins can create a supper club from authentic rustic experience.

Be Present 

Hosting a supper club is entertainment. Alongside cooking, you will be expected to be present at the table, discussing the food and entertaining your guests. To ensure you have the time, energy, and availability, be sure to plan ahead and cook as much as you can before your guests arrive. If you choose to cook meals that keep you in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself unable to get away.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to hire help or borrow assistance from a friend. Having an extra pair of hands in your home can greatly improve the efficiency of the evening and allow your personality to shine.