Whipple Plumbing: Toilet Traps

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Whipple Building’s $170M Rehabilitation Already Paying Off

  1. SNELLING (MN) – Fourteen years later and $170million later, the Recovery Act renovations of the Bishop Henry Whipple Magnolia Plumbing Federal Building – completed in August 2014 – have already resulted in a 40% reduction on energy consumption and a 53% reduction on water use compared to a 2009 baseline.

This was the first major renovation of the building since 1969. It replaced electrical, mechanical and Whipple Plumbing systems. The project also modernized interior spaces with more daylight, updated lighting fixtures and better furniture.

One of the most distinctive features of this project was the installation geothermal ground source technology. This uses the constant temperature of the Earth to heat or cool the building.

Computer-generated diagram of pipes that go underground to receive passive cooling from the earth. The liquid then circulates through the Whipple’s air conditioning system. The liquid is heated underground by the Earth in winter, before it circulates through the heating system of the building. In summer, the glycol solution circulates through pipes and then releases heat into the earth. After cooling below ground, the solution is returned to the building and absorbs heat. The ground then cools it again. Winter works in reverse. The Earth’s insulation warms the glycol and sends it on its way to heat the building.

Whipple’s largest geothermal installation in Minnesota is also one of the largest for GSA. The building’s parking lots are home to nearly 800 vertical heat exchangers. Each exchanger is 250 ft deep and forms a network of more that 75 miles of piping beneath the surface.

Above ground, Whipple Plumbing’s most notable changes include new landscaping and an inviting entryway. This taller, lighter version of the glass version allows for better lighting, security, flow, and flow. All glass doors have been added to the entry vestibule, which has improved lighting and security.

Medium shot looking up new interior staircase. The primary staircase is now located in the lobby at a better location to allow for easier access to all the building’s amenities. These include a convenience store, credit unions and a renovated cafeteria.

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